GALLERY:The Berlin Government District Part 1: 1932-1938


Borsig Palais

Voßstreet 1

1875-77 - Construction of Borsig Palais by Richard Lucae as a residential building in one of the Italian high renaissance styles.
(The sculptures on the upper level, in the recesses between the windows, are of the following engineers: Archimedes (round 287-212 bC), Leonardo da Vinci (1432-1519), James Watt (1736-1819), George Stephenson (1781-1848), Peter Christian Wilhelm Beuth, Karl Friedrich Schinkel and August Borsig. The artwork on the building was created by Reinhold Begas, Erdmann Encke (1843-1896) and Emil Hundrieser. Borsig himself never moved into the building.

1903 - Sold to the A. Wertheim AG corporation.

1904 - As legal successor to the OHG A. Wertheim, the Prussian Mortgage Bonds Bank entered into the ownership rights.

1933 - The Palais is rented by the German Empire and used as the official building of the vice chancellor in Hitler's government, Franz von Papen.

1934 - Bought by the Reichs Treasury and incorporated into the New Reichs Chancellery - the general inspector for the German Roads Commission, Fritz Todt, used it occasionally as head office.

1934 - Borsig Palais was converted, by appointment of Adolf Hitler, for the relocation of the head office of the SA-command from Munich, to the vicinity of the Reichs Chancellery. Connections to the neighbouring extension of the Reichs Chancellery were created during the conversion. From November 1934, 32 rooms were used by the SA-Command, and 12 rooms by the Presidential Chancellery.

1938/39 - Incorporation of the street facades in the New Reichs Chancellery. The interior of the building was adapted to the new building, and the back-facades were demolished to make way for the construction of the Court of Honour.

1945 - Badly damaged during the battle around the New Reichs Chancellery.

1947/48 - Authorization was given to demolish sections of the building, as it was considered to be a culturally inferior building.

1950 - Demolished at the same time as the west wing of the New Reichs Chancellery.